VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE w/ GrowHub E25 Controller
VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE w/ GrowHub E25 Controller
    VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE w/ GrowHub E25 Controller
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    About this item

    • VIVOSUN Smart Grow System with The AeroLight A200SE, 200W LED Grow Light with an Integrated Circulation Fan and The GrowHub WiFi-Controller, Build Intelligent Grow Tents
    • The AeroLight: The world's first grow light with integrated circulatory fan to increase canopy airflow, balance temp and humidity, and Red Dot 2022 design award winner with dimmable driver, sunlike full-spectrum for all stages of growth that is programmable and adjustable.
    • Low Cost & Full-spectrum Sunlike Lighting: Optimal light spectrum (380-780nm, 660nm, 3000K, 5000K) for better blooms and max PAR at various distances; Better spectrum improves germination rates, blooming times, plant production, and canopy penetration at 200W.
    • Foldable & Adjustable design: 2 angle adjustable wings allow to change the light distribution as needed for larger coverage or higher light intensity for different grow stages.
    • The GrowHub E25: Connect with the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, allowing you to monitor and control the AeroLight by the VIVOSUN App; connect a wide range of equipment and design Grow Recipes that will take your plant from seed to harvest automatically.
    • VIVOSUN App: Manage multiple devices simultaneously, tracks and display relevant data to improve performance, chart climate changes, examine details or use preprogrammed Grow Recipes to program equipment, designed by professional growers.
    • Automatic Operation: Automatically manage your grow space environment from anywhere in the world, automatic operation of intensity, airflow, and air circulation according to preset parameters, automatically adjust equipment in reaction to changes in environment.
    Technical Specs


    Technical Specs


    2.8 μmol/J

    Light Source

    2835 White with 660nm Deep Red & 730nm Far Red



    50/60 Hz


    ETL & CE & FCC

    Input Power


    Recommend Fan Size


    Flower Coverage

    3 x 3 ft. / 4 x 2 ft.


    3 Year

    Grow Tent Compatible

    3 x 3 ft. / 4 x 2 ft.


    Full Spectrums; 380nm-780nm, Rich 660nm; Seedling/Veg/Flower Spectrum Tunable Via GrowHub Controller



    Veg Coverage

    4 x 4 ft.