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    GrowHub E42A Controller, Smart Environmental WiFi-Controller with Temperature, Humidity, Timer, Cycle, Schedule Controls, for Grow Tent Cooling Ventilation Lighting
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    • The GrowHub Controller is the all-in-one platform for controlling, monitoring, and improving your indoor grow. Bring all your smart devices together onto a single controller that does it all: change airflow, air circulation, light intensity, light spectrum, and on/off periods with the touch of a button.
    • Unify Your Equipment: Unify all your smart devices through the GrowHub platform and simplify the science of growing down to a manageable level that is easy for beginners and powerful enough for experts, synthesize all equipment together or operate them individually, stabilize your growing environment.
    • Environmental Monitoring: With a built-in temp and humidity gauge and one probe, the GrowHub Controller monitors changes in the environment and can be programmed to alter lighting or ventilation and airflow to minute shifts so you can track changing conditions and respond accordingly.
    • Automatic Growth from Seed to Harvest: Program your growing equipment to automatically take you through each stage of growth, program light intensity, light spectrum, on/off periods, fan speed, and airflow volume, make changes to better suit how your plants are growing at any time.
    • Customizable Settings: Fully customizable programming gives power over to the growers to create an environment that matches their growing style, whether you are a beginner or professional, you can customize your style of growing with easy to use settings, a clear LED display, capacitive buttons, and the GrowHub Controller can be mounted on your tent fabric without any ugly mounting bracket.
    • App Controllable: The GrowHub Controller is WiFi-enabled so all programming can be done through your App, wherever you are in the world you will have control over your tent, your equipment, and your environment, the App also expands the Controller’s capabilities through Grow Recipes and other unique settings that make the Controller even more powerful.
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