• VIVOSUN AeroWave A6 Patented Clip-On Fan with 2-Speed Adjustment - White
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    • Our patented external and internal design and craftsmanship sets the AeroWave apart as the best clip-on fan on the market.
    • Patented Design: A versatile clip on fan featuring a rubberized, square clamp that eliminates slippage and makes this fan mountable to any shape of pole; reinforced housing, and patented internal and external components that improve lifespan and reliability to be best in class.
    • Strong Airflow & Low Noise: Powered by a 20W copper motor the AeroWave produces excellent airflow for fresher, cooler air in your space, at just 40 dB at its loudest.
    • Adjustable Rotation: This clip-on fan supports 80° horizontal and 120° vertical oscillation, so you can direct circulating air and reduce humidity where you need to; You can also adjust the direction of the fan with a simple twist of the head.
    • Easy to Clean and Operate: The fan operates at two speeds that can be adjusted by turning the power switch clockwise; It features a removable front grille to make cleaning easier for improved life and reduced dust and debris.
    • Wide Range of Applications: This patented clip-on fan is an excellent air circulation supplement for indoor grow tents but also works well for greenhouses, patio spaces, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, workspaces, and anywhere you need discreet, quiet, powerful, comfortable airflow.

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    Technical Specs


    Technical Specs

    Overall Size

    8.7 x 12 inches (22 x 31 cm)

    Low Speed

    1500 rpm


    2.5 m (8.2 ft.)

    Horizontal Oscillation


    Actual Fan Frame

    8.7 inches

    High Speed

    2100 rpm


    20 W

    Fan Blade Size

    6 inches


    110 V

    Vertical Oscillation



    60 Hz