The future of growing is now.
The first complete indoor smart grow system can be entirely automated, so you can control your grow space wherever you go. Make growing fun, easy, and a whole lot more rewarding, regardless of your experience.
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The first meeting of light and air.
The VIVOSUN AeroLight system is a first. The first full-spectrum LED grow light with an integrated circulatory fan. The first grow light that lets you control both light spectrum and light intensity. And the first light with preprogrammed "grow recipes" covering every stage of growth, that can also be programmed with new recipes tailored to unique growth environments.
Complete control in your hands.
The GrowHub Controller gives you real-time feedback on all aspects of your grow: light intensity and spectrum, temperature and humidity, and the air speed both inside and moving out of your tent. But It not only lets you know more, it lets you control more. With the GrowHub Controller, you can change the ventilation, light intensity, and light spectrum inside your tent to create the perfect grow space depending on what you want to grow and what stage of growth your babies are in.
Automated airflow without the hassle.
Attain a balanced environment with the AeroZesh, the new inline ventilation duct fan that is fully compatible with the GrowHub Controller and App. The AeroZesh is a PWM controlled EC fan that utilizes a mixed flow design to create high static pressure, improving performance and increasing air volume while reducing noise. When paired with the GrowHub Controller, the AeroZesh can automatically respond to even the most minute environmental change, or you can follow your own grow schedule and match your style.
And wherever you go...
Everything that the GrowHub Controller can do, can be done anywhere with the VIVOSUN App. Gather, organize, and present data on light cycles, spectrum ranges, airflow, humidity, and temperature, and control your lights, ventilation, and air circulation from anywhere in an intuitive interface that turns beginners into experts and experts into pros. Design your own environment and set your own grow schedule, or use preprogrammed "grow recipes" that match your plants' growth stage so you can just set it and forget it.